Nov. 24th, 2010

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Yes, after a four-year absence, the crew has returned with a bang. And boy, is this story a dilly. Please heed the disclaimer before deciding if you wish to proceed any further:

You thought Scrooge McDuck snorting coke was bad. You thought Hogwarts staging a production of RENT was bad. Heck, you thought Misty getting it doggy-style from a Charmander was bad. Oh no, you do not know bad until you have witnessed one of the original GAFF-killers. Until you have witnessed the Josef Mengele Mary Sue.

I wish I made up that last sentence.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of censorship. However, I find it very difficult as an author and a human being to support graphic and damaging stories as this one. Historical fiction has its place in the world, including those that tell of darker eras of history, but when the line between story-telling and perverse wish-fulfillment is so ambiguous, it must be brought to attention just how disturbing people can be, that people with this mindset still walk among us in the 21st century.

As a fair warning, this story contains descriptions of Nazi atrocities, which will get worse as the sections progress. Chapter 4, which is at the bottom of this section so you may skip it if you wish, contains a rape scene that may be triggering.

Given the nature of this story, you may find some of the MSTing comments to be politically incorrect. It is not my intent to offend anyone at all. Consider it refuge in audacity, or in laymens' terms, laughing so I may not cry.




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