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Take a movie star who can't get away from controversy, and a paparazzo who can't get decent work. Toss in some drag queens, the world's hottest teen star, bake under the hot lights of Hollywood and you have We Are The Crowd by [ profile] fools_game :) Enjoy the artwork below I created, but most of all please do enjoy her marvelous story ♥

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Yes, after a four-year absence, the crew has returned with a bang. And boy, is this story a dilly. Please heed the disclaimer before deciding if you wish to proceed any further:

You thought Scrooge McDuck snorting coke was bad. You thought Hogwarts staging a production of RENT was bad. Heck, you thought Misty getting it doggy-style from a Charmander was bad. Oh no, you do not know bad until you have witnessed one of the original GAFF-killers. Until you have witnessed the Josef Mengele Mary Sue.

I wish I made up that last sentence.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of censorship. However, I find it very difficult as an author and a human being to support graphic and damaging stories as this one. Historical fiction has its place in the world, including those that tell of darker eras of history, but when the line between story-telling and perverse wish-fulfillment is so ambiguous, it must be brought to attention just how disturbing people can be, that people with this mindset still walk among us in the 21st century.

As a fair warning, this story contains descriptions of Nazi atrocities, which will get worse as the sections progress. Chapter 4, which is at the bottom of this section so you may skip it if you wish, contains a rape scene that may be triggering.

Given the nature of this story, you may find some of the MSTing comments to be politically incorrect. It is not my intent to offend anyone at all. Consider it refuge in audacity, or in laymens' terms, laughing so I may not cry.

Whee, I popped my BigBang cherry! ;p

I had honestly never thought to participate in a BB before, as I was thinking, You want THAT many words in HOW much time? Nothx. Of course that was before I learned one could also be an artist, so when first opportunity came along I jumped on it like white on rice. Which led me to the [ profile] glambertsbb and [ profile] maybe77's Break Into Me, where Adam Lambert is an FBI agent and Tommy Ratliff is a thief wanting out of the syndicate. There's action and drama and moodiness and darkness and mayyyyyybe a nice couple pinches of love ;)
Being the fanmix junkie I am, there was no way I couldn't put something together for this. So, dear Maybe, merci for not only giving me an excellent story to work with but assuring me my song choices were just right ♥ You can see 'em all (along with some extra smidgens of art) after the break cut :) ONWARD!

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The 3 teams are: Alternative, Pop, and Rock

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Hey, YOU. You know who you are (and I don't mean who has recently friended me, you're safe), don't think I can't guess who you are by the name you tossed at me in that cowardly anon comment. (PS, I really CAN figure out where you are by your IP address, so you just keep digging that hole, missy)

I haven't gone anywhere near your journal/posts, commented to you, mentioned you, or even THOUGHT about you in like, what, two and a half years, and you're pulling the same old shit all over again? What the fuck did I do to you? Are you obsessed with me or something? Because it's not flattering in this case.

Leave me the fuck alone, or at least have the balls to actually sign your name to your pathetic little epistles.

And PS, either be accurate when making assumptions about my personal/sex life or go home.
One of my favorite blogs as of late is, mostly known for its MST3K-style dissections of Chick Tracts, aka those bloody godawful "Christian comics" I'm sure everyone has seen or has handed to them at one point in their life. Lately Jabberwock's been kinda burned out on dissecting them, not that I blame him, as the stupid is enough to make one's brains dribble out their ears. Occasionally he'll put up a guest dissection with his added commentary, and this is one I mailed a while back. Obviously it doesn't have the added benefit of his commentary (he's a little more on the ball about Bible specifics than I am and I don't feel like drudging up the family tome right now), so, er, feel free to mentally play along, or something.

Basically, if I want spirituality in comics I’ll curl up with my Peanuts books. At least they’re supposed to be funny.
I mentally debated whether I should really be ripping on the artwork, since I’m not the best artist in the world myself. But then I remembered two things:
a) such thoughts are in direct violation of Ebert’s Law
b) at least I don’t make my villains stereotypically ugly with hooked noses.
So rip I shall!
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Attention bloggers who have stumbled upon my blogosphere:
If you're looking to friend this journal solely because you like my icons, I'm flattered but please don't bother.
I rarely ever talk about my icons in my personal journal and I certainly never upload them, so you'd be looking to get frustrated at me pretty fast.
That and it also gets irritating to add someone back and never having them contribute anything.
Membership and watching access is OPEN at [ profile] _wc2k_icons
Just a public entry for banners. Nothing to see here ;)

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maple leaf
Canada matters to me. Le Canada, c'est important pour moi.

british columbian sun
Beautiful British Columbia

And I can't believe I didn't put this up until now...

Marriage is love.

That is all because public colorbars are cool. We now return to you regularly friends-locked madness XD
I will not stand for this

Everyone Feels This Pain
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One of my few entries I'm leaving public, because I'm too darn lazy to go make an icon journal. Unless yer huntin' around for icons, nothing to see here :)
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You may've heard of this by now. There's controversy over a shirt being sold in St. Catherines, a black tank with a hammer in a pool of blood and the caption "She was asking for it." Naturally there's been quite the uproar, but stupidly enough, it has its supporters, including the female shopowner- and, as seen in an article, a giggling 17 year-old nymphet whose boyfriend wanted it, so she bought it for him. She also said, "I think it's, like, cute."
You dumb bint. You goddamn, no-good, twat for brains, piece of shit, skanking bitch, crack whore, lower than pond scum and twice as dumb bint. I don't even know your name or what you look like, but I've added you to my list of people I hate with the intensity of a million Old Testament Gods and would strike you down if I could get away with it.
Domestic abuse is not funny or cute, in any way, shape, or form. Anyone who thinks otherwise deserves to have their sex organs fried in Crisco.
I've been through it. My sister's been through it. I have friends who've been through it. And we were lucky to get out alive, many women aren't.
So, even though I may hate myself later, I drew this in protest.
If you're on DeviantART
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A-fucking-men, eh ladies?
I urge you to spread the link to this around. Because some people need to know- especially giggling 17 year-old nymphets from St. Catherines.
...making one entry to store all my icons in, then adding back to it whenever. Comment if you likee, credit if you mustee :)

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